the following images link to videos hosted on my smugmug server
which offers a superior playback experience.


The first video is a montage based on a shoot for Cadillac at a beautiful Monticello, NY race track
where they were hosting employees from Shanghai, China for a day of training exercises on their new sedan.
Featuring music from the song, Balls, by ARJUN.

The next video is one in a three part how-to-grill miniseries I directed and shot
for Weber Grills and David Leite.


Here is a video I directed and shot in the recording studio with bluesy rockers
Frank Viele and the Manhattan Project.

Next up, a cooking video in which the food itself is the star, produced for the cooking blog,

Last but by no means least, a slow motion video of my almost 20-month-old son, rocking out at a nearby playground
and then conducting meticulous motorcycle inspections.